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Solid Dosage Forms

For the preparation of solid dosage forms we use various

technologies. This enables us to meet the particular 

requirements of the targeted product, e.g. Immediate Release 

(IR), Modified Release (MR), Controlled Release (CR), Extended 

Release (ER) / Sustained Release (SR). 


A substantial number of products have been successfully 



 -  Tablets (Mono- / Multi-layer Tablets, Effervescent Tablets)

 -  Film Tablets

-   Orodispersible Tablets (sublingual Tablets, super-fast dissolving Tablets)

-   Capsules

-   Granulates

-   Pellets

-   Adsorbates

-   Lyophilisates


Manufacturing technologies at Gen-Plus include e.g.:


-   Fluidized bed granulation

-   Compaction

-   Coating

-   Fluidized bed drying

-   Hot melt granulation

-   Tray drying

-   Single pot granulation

-   Sieving

-   Diffusion blending

-   Forced blending

-   Grinding

-   Spray drying and 

-   Tableting

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