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TOP Management Seminar 15. & 16. June 2020 4th Individualized Medication Summit

Well established processes in the daily business of physicians, pharmacies, wholesalers, the pharmaceutical industry and health insurances become more and more digital to save or to evaluate health data via artificial intelligence. At the same time the patients – our costumers - want to take more responsibility for their own health which is possible by using their own health related digital information and platform technologies. With these improvements the patient expects a more individual medical supply. Personalized and precision medicine offers an individual and effective treatment. Reduction of medication failure and side effects by increasing adherence and patient compliance based on 2D and 3D printing technology is one opportunity with a precise and personalized treatment. The goal is it to give the best treatment by dose adjusted high quality drugs to the patients.

The timing of digitalization in healthcare is slower compared to other branches. But the aging of the society, higher quality standards, drug safety, faster access to prevention, better adherence, less side effects and the need for cost control in healthcare will push and speed up the request for precision and personalized medicine.

For that reason we want to discuss together all affected health areas regarding personalized and precision medicine in our workshop. We consider ourselves fortunate to present guest speakers from different experience areas of the health sector, like clinical experts, pharmaceutical manufacturers, IT specialists, regulatory and patent experts, legal specialists, business economists, health insurance representatives as well as researchers.

We are looking forward to an informative and exciting workshop.

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