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Science Day 2016 – A total success!

On October 20th, the second Science Day “Novel technologies” was held at the facilities of Gen-

Plus. This event covered a wide range from novel technologies concerning pharmaceutical

development to the current change of the pharmaceuticals market towards eHealth.

The session of in total six presentations was opened by Admir Kulin (Vitaphone) with a topic from the eHealth section, namely “Telemedical care concepts in the pharmaceuticals sector”. In the following, Dr. Christoph Böhler (Pantec) talked about the successes and possibilities of the

P.L.E.A.S.E. technology (Precise Laser EpidermAl System) developed by Pantec.

Currently, this technology is not only applied for efficient drug delivery of APIs with high polarity

and high molecular weight, such as peptides but also as immunotherapy; e.g. in the treatment of

melanomas in initial clinical studies.

Addressing the topic “Patch pump”, Tanja Pries (Gen-Plus) provided a comprehensive overview

over the latest innovative devices in this field. Being either already available on the market for the subcutaneous and intravenous administration of APIs or being currently under development, patch pumps are gaining interest, due to constant miniaturization and improved patient compliance.

After lunch and a short guided tour through our facilities, the presentation series was continued by Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin introducing passionately his novel air-flow bed technology, “Romaco Innojet Varioscale®”. Besides producing new film-coated tablets with low drug load, this technology is also applicable for varying batch-sizes.

Being crucially involved in the development, Mr. Gerhard Neumeier from Klocke Pharma Service

GmbH reported with full conviction the advantages of this system regarding today´s

pharmaceutical production.

In the following, Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel (DS-Technology) presented the XStraw, a comparably

new delivery system developed especially for both the very young and the very old patients.

The topics 2D- and 3D- printing, currently on everyone´s mind, were presented by Ralph Stefan

from within the company´s own ranks. Thereby, the audience gained an overview over these

technologies with respect to the interesting issue of the coming years, - personalized medicine.

In a final discussion, guests and employees of Gen-Plus debated the numerous innovative

technologies and their actual application.

There was a general agreement about the promising future of these technologies and their

establishment in many institutions. Moreover, the participants agreed that this form of seminar was very effective, as a comprehensive overview over various topics could be provided within a very short time.

Therefore, the topic “personalized medicine” will be addressed in detail within a follow-up seminar in spring 2017. Subscribers to our newsletter will be informed about the new date in advance.

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