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Digital microscopy @ Gen-Plus

In the field of pharmaceutical and technological development digital microscopy is showing in many fields decisive improvements compared to the optical microscopy.

Among other features 3D-pictures with very high depth of focus can be recorded using optical fiber technology combined with zoom lenses from 20 – 2500 magnification.

Figure 1: Particle analysis API

Figure 2: height profile of human skin

Actual pharmaceutical applications are:

  • Skin integrity control of skin samples to be used for in-vitro skin permeation experiments

  • Particle measurement of APIs and picture analysis of particle distribution

  • Film coatings analyses of miscellaneous oral dosage forms

  • Quality control of 2D / 3D-API-prints and E-Drug dosage forms

  • Visualisation of stretching properties of TDS containing mono- or bidirectional backing materials

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