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Gen-Plus invests in e-Health

The pharmaceutical market is expected to rearrange in the coming years. In the future it will not be sufficient for pharmaceutical companies only to develop, manufacture and market medicinal products. In addition, it will be necessary for their success to become a key-player in a network build by patients, their supporting persons or organizations and health-care providers. The pharmaceutical companies will offer customized solutions for meeting the patient’s individual medicinal needs. This will strengthen the patient’s feeling of being perfectly accommodated.

Gen-Plus will therefore continue to increase its engagement in the field of e-health. In cooperation with partners and patients it will add e-health projects to its R&D portfolio. The investment in the 3D-printing technology is a contribution in this direction. 3D-printing as such has already been approved for the manufacture of a medicinal product by the FDA in 2015 (SPRITAM®- Levetiracetam from Aprecia). Gen-Plus intents to extend the 3D-printing technology to meet the requirements of personalized medicine. For Gen-Plus, the 3D-printing is a future-oriented platform for pharmaceutical companies, that makes it possible to get in touch with the patient and to enable him to print his individual drug combination in the customized dosage strength. For this purpose, Gen-Plus researches together with partners from the IT and engineering sector. These mutual R&D efforts will support the generation of intellectual properties in this field.

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