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Gen-Plus organized the 1st Come & See day

In Munich it was the Oktoberfest time and Gen-Plus invited costumers to their first “Come & See day”. At the opening ceremony the female staff, dressed in dashing “Dirndl”, was

quite an eye-catcher. The guests were also impressed by the guided Laboratory tours

given by the skilled employees and the productive discussions which followed. Prof. Dr. Andreas Bernkop-Schnürch from the Pharmacy department of the University of Innsbruck gave a stimulating lecture on the topic of “Drug delivery systems for alternative routes of administration”. He gave elucidating insights into the role of functionalized polymers in the field of controlled drug release. In the following vivid discussion led to a fruitful exchange

of knowledge between Prof. Bernkop-Schnürch and the audience. The managing director Dr. Markus Dachtler emphasized: "Knowledge exchange between Gen-Plus and skilled

experts on a regular base is essential". Therefore we are planning further events like seminars and “knowledge transfer days” in 2016. Many customers spontaneously gave positive feedback for this initiative. In the evening the guests and the Gen-Plus staff came together

for a social event at the Munich Oktoberfest.


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