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Acquisition of Gen-Plus by Dr. Markus Dachtler

Dr. Markus Dachtler is managing director since 1 June 2015. The young entrepreneur Dr. Dachtler has many years of experience in pharmaceutical business. He has a professional

background in life-sciences as well as in management science (MBA). "With the existing know-how and technologies Gen-Plus has high potential to establish itself as a CRO in the world of

pharmaceutical industries".Gen-Plus, founded in 1999, is now a CRO being independent of

third-party. The company is specialized in innovative development and technology-concepts for challenging APIs. Gen-Plus operates a state-of-the-art R&D Laboratory which is

perfectly equipped to deal with the advanced technologies, which are relevant to meet the increasing demands in pharmaceutical formulation development. "In coordination with

our customers, we will consistently invest in the latest technologies to deliver top performance and innovations to our customers”.


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