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Competence center 2D & 3D printing technology
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We offer following services in printed drug formulations


  • Development of sophisticated formulation concepts using printing techniques

  • Conduct of feasibility studies (proof of concept) for new molecular entities

  • Filament and ink formulations

  • Dose-finding studies using 2D printing

  • Lifecycle management

  • Effective network with equipment providers, specialized raw material suppliers and universities

All services are also available for formulations containing high-potent drugs & narcotics and under GMP requirements.

Advantages of printed drug formulation


  • individually manufactured

  • batch size of one possible

  • tailor made release characteristics

  • different geometries and sizes

  • combination of drugs not compatible with conventional manufacturing techniques

  • improvement of drug product stability

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Innovative, cost-effective, individualized dosage forms, small batch sizes –

all possible @ Gen-Plus with the 2D and 3D API printing technology

Personalized medicine:


  • tailor-made pharmacotherapies

  • with respect to individual health situation

  • considering physiological constitution

  • genetic, metabolic and gender-specific characteristics

Make an appointment to discuss your innovative ideas !

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