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History of  GEN-PLUS        

Gen-Plus GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1999 to serve the pharmaceutical industry. We focus on R&D-Services, mainly in new technologies for medicinal products. Initially, these research activities were performed as a 100% 

subsidiary of ratiopharm.


In June 2015 the company was acquired by Dr. Markus Dachtler. Since then, the now privately-owned independent company is working for various pharmaceutical companies. We are continuously investing into our innovative laboratory. So we offer to our customers a wide range of attractive development opportunities.


Important milestones of Gen-Plus:

1999     Founding of the company

2004     Move to a new lab building (current place)

2005     Grand of manufacturing  certification authorization for clinical samples of solid dosage forms

2009     Implementation of High Containment Technology for handling of high potent APIs

2012     Implementation of Patch- and Thin-film technology

2015     Acquisition of the company by Dr. Markus Dachtler

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